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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Telemarketing Survives the Digital Age

We all know the reputation of sale by telephone. We have at some point, received unsolicited calls at home and at work from telemarketers that offer products and services. More surprisingly, even with the existence of laws and guidelines for mitigating these telemarketing calls, telemarketing is still regarded as one of the most effective ways to market and promote products.

With the advent of new technologies and approaches supporting the emergence of digital marketing, it is fascinating how telemarketing - the oldest form of marketing used by companies around the world, managed to survive in the midst of the increasing growth of e-commerce and the hype of modern technological advances.

Even with the increased number of digital gadgets, social networking sites and Internet marketing tools, companies still rely on the good old telephone to interact with customers and technological developments have greatly increased the power of telemarketing to maximize profits.

Call centers have been using high-tech communications and computer systems to improve sales and marketing services to clients. Telecommunications companies have created and mass-produced modern solutions to meet the dynamic demands of call centers worldwide.

One of the most popular and widely used in the industry is the system of automatic and predictive dialing. Auto Dialer will automatically dial phone numbers, and there are different numbers of technologies such as audio broadcasting that is able to dial hundreds of thousands of calls simultaneously. Predictive dialer can intelligently predict when the representative is available to talk. Numbers are dialed at the right pace, and phone calls are routed to the agent only when a live person answered.

Modern technology has enabled marketing methods to evolve with the advancement of digital marketing techniques, and we can anticipate that sales and advertising channels such as telemarketing will continue to meet the challenges of the industry.

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