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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Benefits of B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing for Singaporean Firms

Outsourcing is the process of a competent third party firm providing its resources and expertise by rendering of service or production of goods. The objective of this process is to offer skills and competencies in a particular function required in a certain business operation when the client or company cannot do it on their own.

One of the numerous types of BPO (business process outsourcing) is the outsourcing of b2b lead generation services via telemarketing. That’s why many Singaporean companies keep their sights on generating new prospects, also known as sales leads, aside from their task of sustaining and maintaining a high level of consumer retention. Nonetheless, not every Singaporean firms were able to be successful in this marketing activity. Needless to say, in order power up lead generation campaigns for firms in Singapore, it is highly advisable to partner with a reputable telemarketing company. And mind you, these b2b service providers are not just thinking, or after their own revenue from the professional fees after the project ends, but also in helping out Singapore-based business establishments improve its sales production by giving high quality appointments. In this manner, a telemarketing firm specializes as a helping hand for another business entity to arrive at growth.

Another advantage of outsourcing is faster sales cycle. Telemarketers repay their clients with a shorter sales cycle. Speed, combined with accuracy, guarantee that every appointment is a great step for building more income.

With the aid of outsourcing, from the assurance of qualified appointments to faster cycles, Singaporean firms can be improved and beat the competition.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Existence of B2B Telemarketing Companies in Today's Business Era

B2B telemarketing has been thought as a great but negative aspect by many. The primary reason for this negativity is due to some telemarketers to be uncaring about the current condition of their prospect. There are those that will continually push their company's products and services and shove them into the faces of their prospect to which the potential client or customer will find this extremely annoying.

Nevertheless, one should not be discouraged by this fact as there are still those professional telemarketing companies that breed telemarketers that to respect their prospect in every way possible. These are the ones that business owners should be looking for their marketing campaign. Telemarketers that respect their prospects pose a greater chance of acquiring a business deal out of their potential clients and customers more than others.

These well-trained professionals know that in order to receive respect, they have to be the first ones to give it. Ultimately, this great aspect about these professional telemarketing agents allows them to adapt to most situations within the duration of their call. So whether if they are surrounded by a lot of negativity brought upon by a prospect or when they receive a lot of compliments, they are sure to make the campaign a smashing success.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Get CRM Software Leads Through Lead Generation; Close Business Deals With Appointment Setting

CRM software is important to companies that have a large client base. Trouble usually arises from not being able to organize all business contacts within a business database that can be readily accessible and is organized well. Many software companies offer such products to their clients however, there are also many others who do the same thing. Competition is fierce within the world of business and IT sales and that is why many choose to employ the use of telemarketing services in order to market the CRM software that they sell.

Through the use of lead generation and cold calling, telemarketing call centers can find prospective clients for their respective firms. By bringing in CRM software leads that can direct their clients towards other businesses that are in need of good software to keep their database organized and easy to navigate around, they can aid their clients in making more software sales even by just offering leads. Also, as a sales and marketing solution, telemarketing is an excellent choice especially when it comes to doing appointment setting.

With these two services at the hands of your firm, making more sales with your software can be come achievable with the use of CRM software leads. And if you need to find more prospects and increase your client base then appointment setting can aid you in getting face-to-face meetings and closing business deals with them. Telemarketing is your advantage in a world with fierce competition and may just be the best tool you can have to be a step above your rivals.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Telemarketing – A Real Canadian Success

Can the current Canadian economy benefit from outsourced telemarketing? Sure, it will. The key here is to look for the right company that can deliver what it promises. And what are the promises? Quality marketing leads, reliable and accurate information, as well as fruitful meetings with potential customers. Now, what marketing method can deliver all that, and perhaps even more? That would be professional telemarketing services.

This is not a false claim. Just look at the various reasons why firms are still turning to telemarketers. For one, the information these telemarketers, especially the outsourced ones, produce are of the highest quality. In addition, they are the most likely people to get a contract signed by a prospect. By talking to prospective customers on the phone, using the best soft-skills, professional telemarketers are able to convince their prospects to give them a try. And what about lead generation and appointment setting services? These two areas are an important part of the entire marketing campaign. No doubt that it’s because of these two that professional telemarketing is still booming up to the present day.

After all, lead generation services provides the needs needed by the firm to understand their markets, as well as prepare their products and services to meet whatever changes that might take place. Once these leads are generated, it takes a few delicate calls to prospects for an actual meeting between them and the client will take place. Now that will need some skills from one with appointment setting experience. It’s just amazing if one can consider the possibilities opened by telemarketing.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Generate Leads and Appointments Using IT Telemarketing

It's never easy to sell IT products and services and it gets even more difficult when you are trying to find prospects who would always be willing to purchase technology solutions and services. Because of this, IT proprietors have started budgeting for a marketing strategy to promote their offerings through efficient lead generation and appointment setting. Among the tools they have constantly used is IT telemarketing where telemarketers search for IT sales leads and convert them into closed deals and sales.

IT telemarketing is simply the use of telephone to market complex IT products and services. However, there are important factors to consider when using this method for a campaign.

1. When using this tool, telemarketers should know the needs of their customers. IT telemarketing would become more effective if telephone agents understand what customers demand at present. Customers buy results and when they see a benefit in an offering, they will purchase.

2. Telemarketers should respect the time of their customers. They should be able to know the most appropriate hour to make the call. Additionally, customers are busy people that's why you need to avoid asking questions that can otherwise be answered through research.

3. Telephone agents should put a sense of professionalism in all their calls. Customers prefer to trust people who approach them in a professional manner over casual. So to ensure higher response rate, telemarketers should have good communication skills that can get and retain customer's attention.

4. Telemarketers should have a strong value proposition in order to convince customers to make a purchase.

No doubt, IT telemarketing is the best tool to sell IT products and services and there are various companies around that offer this kind of service along with other two important services-- IT lead generation and IT appointment setting. If you want to get more sales, then consider working with these firms today.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Americans Think Telemarketing Holds a Significant Edge

American companies now understand that telemarketing plays an important role in their overall success. Through this they can become a big firm and then the biggest among all. This cold calling technique can help them improve with time. But what really makes telemarketing so helpful? Why is it very important? If you have a great product/service you are bound to succeed, so why invest in such? The answer to these questions lies deep within the customers. With telemarketing, your customers can get a feel that your business knows what they really want, and that you care about their opinion. Aside from that, television, radio and print advertisements are less effective today, and your customers are more obligated to accommodate a telephone ringing than spend time with these ads. So whether you are a small or medium scale entrepreneur in US, telemarketing is really the best way to promote your products and services.

Telemarketing has continued to flourish and survive over the years to help various businesses improve their marketing efforts. This too can help you in your business in US. You can get in touch with the right people and get your wares off the shelf faster than other selling techniques. Despite the negative public image of some telemarketers, telemarketing remains the most effective way of getting your customers' loyalty and expectations. Telemarketing services can even provide you with instant feedback about what your customers think of your particular product or service.

Professional telemarketers can perform myriad of functions that can really boost your business. They can do the hard selling, appointment setting, lead generation, surveys and answer your customer inquiries and complaints. There are a host of other tasks that they are capable of doing. It's for this reason why you have to take efforts in finding the right telemarketers for the job.

Indeed telemarketing has all it takes to make you successful in US. It's really about time to consider this and decide outsourcing to a telemarketing company to get better results. You too can become the big guy in the industry with this marketing tool in place.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

B2B Leads are Possible with Telemarketing

Be amazed with what you can get with the use of telemarketing. This classic method of market penetration has been around for decades, and not once has it failed to provide excellent service to different firms. You have a lot to gain with the use of B2B leads that telemarketers send your way. These can be easily converted into a sale or, in some cases, a successfully closed deal. Using this would be the smartest thing that you can do for your business. No doubt that you will benefit much from using such a lead generation company. You will be impressed with the results.

Telemarketing has always been a reliable means for a firm to improve its operations. Despite what detractors say against this form of marketing, it can’t be denied that it works. If it didn’t then, how is it able to stay in demand after all this time, right? It only comes to show the confidence that many companies express in the ability of telemarketers to succeed, especially in the areas of lead generation and appointment setting. You can be sure to be in good hands when you partner with the right telemarketers. Just think of all the possibilities that B2B leads bring to you and to your firm.

Frankly, you won’t be disappointed with telemarketing companies. The people who works there are trained professionals. They know what you need, understand the situation, and succeed on delivering what they promised you. Go ahead and give these people a try.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Telemarketing for the Financial Industry

Telemarketing becomes more complicated when used in the financial sector. There are several fraudulent deals involving telemarketing today that make customers more skeptical about telephone transactions. Because of this, contact centers and their clients need to be more cautious in terms of conducting and receiving telephone calls. Telemarketers need to be more careful especially when cold calling people for the purpose of prospecting or lead generation. Likewise, customers at the receiving end of these calls also need to be more vigilant on giving out information to agents who call them.

It is very essential for outbound contact centers to start their financial calling campaign with advanced planning. The telemarketers should be trained well to avoid problems. Noticeably, professionals often become uncomfortable talking about their financial concerns. This is normal, but good telemarketers can gain their trust and lead them to share their concerns. On the other hand, consumers also need to be more careful about engaging in services offered through telemarketing. They should check any information about the company or call center making the call before signing up to any commitment. They should also make sure that their financial details are not provided to all telemarketers who call them.

Financial telemarketing is effective in B2B marketing. However, its success largely lies on the attitude of the user. For this campaign to become reliable and profitable, vigilance and accountability should be observed.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outsourcing your Market Research Campaign

Will outsourcing your market research strengthen your marketing campaign? Read the article to find out how.

Market research are one of the few things a company can do to get information from their very own customer about how to make things better for everybody. We can say this because the data gathered from market research is not just beneficial for the company but also their customers. Companies from the UK are no different.

Outsourcing market researches are on the rise right now. Companies are saving money when outsourcing their market research to telemarketing companies overseas. This is plainly because they cut the cost of operation, training and upkeep compared to having an in-house market research team. Aside from that, when outsourcing your market research, you get to have professionals who have been doing the job for a long time. This increases the accuracy of the data gathered from the research.

Companies from the United Kingdom are now hailing the blessing that is outsourced market research campaigns. With its promise of efficiency and accuracy, companies benefit a lot from outsourcing. Not only does this keep them ahead of the competition, it also shows that they are a company open to change and not afraid of something new.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Three Main Advantages of Outsourced Telemarketing Services

There are many benefits outsourcing telemarketing services give. A lot of companies made use of these advantages to proclaim their own brand of financial success. Out of these benefits, there are three that ultimately stand out above the rest. This is because they are the key helpers when it comes to providing more income for just about any business. The three key benefits are:

1. Profitable outcome at lesser the cost

Building in-house telemarketing campaigns is more of a fruitless endeavor than an efficient one. In-house campaigns need to be supplied constantly which can deteriorate one's budget really fast. Outsourcing one's telephone marketing campaigns means no more extra costs to be handled by the business owner's end.

2. Reach prospects and hit them on the mark

Telephone marketing companies use an extensive database of leads and prospects that they can use at their own advantage. The database is always kept updated to provide marketing campaigns to accurately target and reach prospects. By doing so, the campaign will be lead in a straight path and not let it go astray.

3. Immediately amass a high degree of expertise

Lastly, outsourced telemarketing services enables businesses to acquire an instant level of high expertise on their targeted prospects. Aside from building this kind of expertise from the ground up, these services will allow businesses to waste no opportunity that may come across them.

With these main benefits, business owners can proclaim their financial success in a shorter span of time.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Use and Importance of Market Researches

The real success of doing business lies heavily on what your prospective clients need from your products. Producing high-quality and affordable goods and/or services will definitely give a modest return on investment. But, if what the companies in the United Kingdom offer is not what their intended users desire, then they are heading for the wrong direction. This premise is the same as selling a foolproof condom to a community of conservatives or supplying tons of meat to a city of vegetarians. After all, British firms' prospective clients are the individuals who will buy, and so it is their preferences that should be followed.

One way to get the information anything about the current target market is to conduct a market research. This is a systematic and comprehensive program which seeks to gather information about the consumers. Once the data are collected and interpreted, business organisations in Great Britain can recreate their products according to the taste of the customers and plan marketing strategies that will move the latter. All too often, market research, or market surveys, seeks to answer some critical questions. Some of which are enumerated as follows:

• What is the degree of satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the customers in a particular good or service?
• What are the expectations of the consumers from the company's offerings?
• What drives clients to buy from the competitors?
• Will the public accept a new product?

Sadly, market research comes with huge expenses. In addition, it consumes a lot of time and demands expertise on the field. This may not be feasible for small-and-medium businesses in UK that have limited budget and lack the right professionals. The only alternative to this is to outsource a telemarketing call centre. For everyone's awareness, there are call centres that offer market surveys, aside from lead generation and inbound services. First-rate service providers also are qualified for three reasons- advance technology, telemarketing itself and skilled manpower. Do not take away your opportunity to know what your customers think. Take advantage of telemarketing services and the low-cost it demands.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Right Way to Outsource to Professional Telemarketers

Knowing the right way to go about outsourcing should always be taken into high consideration. If business owners were to outsource to just about any telemarketing firm available on the market, chances are they will get the services of telemarketers that have little or no experience within a certain business sector.

When outsourcing to professional telemarketers, it is a very wise decision to check for their history with previous clients. This way, one can check if they have the right amount of competency when it comes to gathering sales opportunities for the business. Additionally, it also allows for a business owner to check as to whether or not the call center agents are work driven into completing their daily tasks with optimal results.

The next item to review when planning to outsource to a telephone marketing company is their rates. Outsourced sales services may be cost-effective. But for some organizations that have very limited marketing budget, these rates may not appear cheap. In fact, it could become too pricey that it would cause one an arm and a leg for a short-term marketing campaign. Compare the prices of some of the few telephone marketing companies and equate them to their company's client history so that any individual business owner can get the quality for the service that they will be paying for.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How To Satisfy Your Need For Leads

For businesses to grow and increase their income, the need for sales leads will always be present. Companies selling to consumers and other organizations know this. Without a continuous supply of leads, it is impossible to expand their market and stay in business.

In order to effectively target and obtain these leads, business owners need to be serious about lead generation. The process of generating leads can be done in two ways: in-house or outsourced. In-house lead generation is typical of huge businesses that have ample resources. But for those that are working on a tight marketing budget, outsourcing is more preferred. The obvious reason is because it is cost-efficient and cost-effective.

Aside from saving on operational costs, there are other benefits a business can get from outsourcing lead generation to professional telemarketing firms, whether offshore or onshore. Telemarketing call centers have representatives who can call hundreds of contacts in a single day, making it easier and faster to get leads and close sales. The more calls are made, the higher the chances of striking a deal.

Thousands of businesses across the globe have already outsourced and have been outsourcing lead generation services to outbound contact centers. With the help of professional telemarketers, sales leads are much easier to get and a significant increase in profits is highly achievable.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Understanding the Concept of B2B Telemarketing

Businesses today do not just target consumers in order to be profitable. Targeting other businesses can take business transactions to a whole new level. This is why creating b2b relationships are among the top things business owners need to prioritize. In order to effectively reach b2b prospects, businesses outsource to top of the line telemarketers to meet sales expectations.

B2B telemarketing companies are able to target other businesses in most industries because they have tons of data entries in their database. The best b2b telemarketing companies have over millions upon millions of other businesses within their database. This way, no matter what industry or country that a business owner wants to target, these telemarketing companies are sure to target leads and prospects with near perfect aim.

One of the main reasons why business owners want to outsource to these telemarketing companies for their b2b telemarketing campaign is because they can efficiently bridge the gap between prospects and clients. Professional telemarketers can help in establishing trust by way of meaningful telephone conversations, and consequently help organizations forge long lasting business-to-business relationships.

Overall, businesses that outsource to telemarketing companies for their b2b sales and marketing campaigns have a higher chance of gaining a competitive advantage and achieving sales success.

Monday, February 28, 2011

B2B Telemarketing: Hitting Prospects on the Mark

Businesses, either small or large in scale, have sometimes trouble hitting their target market on the mark. There are those that may hit quality prospects but those business transactions are seen as only few in number. This provides the business with very little chances of exhibiting growth and success. If a business wants to effectively target other organizations, hit them with pinpoint accuracy and gain an adequate amount of leads in the process, they can outsource their sales services to a b2b telemarketing company.

B2B telemarketing companies use an extensive database that they use during their calls to effectively locate and qualify leads for the benefit of any business that are in need of their services. Through their database, they can do a heavy amount of research before they call a prospect to make sure that these leads are properly managed, nurtured, and ultimately qualified.

Business owners that do not employ the services of b2b telemarketing companies may find it hard to gather and qualify leads. This is especially true for new business owners that are still beginners in providing their organizations with the right amount of qualified leads for the business to thrive and stay afloat.

With these b2b telephone marketing companies, businesses are able to provide their respective businesses with the right amount of leads for it to achieve the financial success it rightfully deserves.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simple Yet Effective Practices in Cold-Calling

The best bet of some of the companies in the United Kingdom for lead generation is outsourcing. They have an unflinching conviction that by getting their work done by a lead generation expert, they can focus all their attention in enhancing their own company. Equally important is the belief that if they transfer the risk and burden to a reliable telemarketing call centre, it will give them ample time to focus on what they do best. Well, that is too much pressure on the part of the service providers. But, with their homework properly executed, the pressure is greatly reduced.

In order to shy away from getting a failing mark in their lead generation programs, telemarketing call centres are monitoring every action that they do, each plan they contrive and all the decisions they make. If possible, no error should be committed. One of the key functions that they put their best efforts in is cold-calling. Telemarketing firms are very fastidious in their teleprospecting practices, and continue to evaluate and improve their own processes. If you want to learn some of their simple yet effective methods in cold calling, the list below gives them to you.

• Cold-callers are industrious in making more phone calls in a day. Of course, this is based on the premise that more activity is tantamount to more sales.

• Achieving metrics. Outstanding telemarketers are obeying their metrics, which in turn, results to improved productivity.

• Research. Before the callers make a beep, they are already stuffed with the basic information about the person whom they are calling. This is an effective means to build rapport.

• Cold-callers adhere to the guidelines stated in a script. But, they deliver it well, not like a recording machine.

• They do not forget the basic principles of human relations, like saying “Thank You!” and “Please”.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Risks and Rewards of Cold-Calling

In a broader context, offshore outsourcing B2B telemarketing has its own ups and downs. Going deeper, one of its core functions, the so-called cold-calling or teleprospecting, also possesses risks and rewards. For decision-makers of the business organisations in the United Kingdom, allow yourselves to be fed with these pros and cons of cold-calling, if you so happen to decide to outsource your B2B lead generation.


• Prospects hanging up. You can not expect all leads to give you an acquaintance party on your first, and, even, follow-up calls. It is natural that they do hang up. However, this disadvantage has a cure anyway. It is only through the ability of a cold-caller, supported by a call script, that a sales prospect will be glued on his telephone and answer all the questions that the telemarketer wants to ask. There is always a way to tame a scary lion.
• Wrong timing. No one can really tell whether the decision-maker of a certain company is present or on leave, or has a meeting. Wrong timing may force a telemarketer to forget a follow-up call for a prospect who may be a qualified sales lead.
• Quantity over quality. There might be few telemarketing firms that will offer abundant sales leads, but unfortunately of poor quality.


• Reach and response. For obvious reasons, the telephone remains the fastest tool in reaching a prospect and making him/her respond immediately. This shortens the time in determining who are interested with those that are not. Only cold-calling facilitates a two-way conversation.
• Large Volume in a Span of Time. What would you expect with a fast medium? In just a day, tens or less than a hundred prospects are screened for qualification.
• Teleprospecting is powered by a medium that is easy to use and produces fast results.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lead Generation: Challenges that Businesses Face When Building an In-house Team

There are many organizations worldwide have opted to use an in-house team of sales representatives to do lead generation procedures for the business. It may seem as the best option for cutting down costs for the organization. However, this is only true at the first phases of the campaign. What these organizations do not fully understand that in order to keep the campaign alive they should harness more resources thus more build-up of stress is being brought upon towards the organization's employees.

In addition, building an in-house team of cold calling representatives means that the business needs to face problems and challenges in the process. Some of these challenges are:

1. Leaving the campaign in the hands of a junior

Business owners do not just have to worry about the lead generation campaign for their business; they have numerous things to take care off to make sure that the company stays afloat. Hence, there are numerous times that the business owner is not there to manage the cold calling campaign for generating leads. There might come a chance that the campaign will be put into the hands of a beginner. Doing so can put the program at a higher risk of failing.

2. Only a single strategy is used

Business owners are too busy to think about everything for the campaign. As such, many companies' in-house lead generation program only has a single strategy for gathering leads. Doing so can lead to very limited results.

3. Targeting market is way off

Businesses, especially new ones, may not have the focus yet to know who their target market really is.

When a business encounters these problems, it is much better to outsource their lead generation campaign towards cold calling experts. This way, they can ensure themselves of a successful program for their business' growth.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When is the Best Time to Outsource Call Center Services

Outsourcing call center services is not an easy decision to make but examining a strategic point is one benchmark that helps. When your still starting out in the business you may very well have the opportunity to handle infrequent calls but once sales begins to skyrocket the massive amount of calls from clients and customers may not be enough anymore to provide assistance. This is the best time for you to get help from reputable companies who can ensure that the number of calls is answered.

When a business demands for product support or help desks, this kind of situation might warrant an outsourced service to help. Having your own in house call center could be a very expensive feat for your business, because you have to invest in computers, telephone and other needed software.

Call centers can really help your business grow, the idea of simplifying operations and focusing your resources is too good to pass up. It could also improve the business's return on investment and has the ability to retain customers is such a great opportunity for you that needs to be ventured out.

Businesses that has seasonal highs and lows, such as retail can really turn to an outsourced call center service in order to seek help and for a “pick-me-up” specially during busy times of the year. Dealing with all the ebb and flow of business is just one of the many reasons why outsourcing some or all of call center needs makes sense in today's different business needs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Telemarketing Works Well for IT Products and Services

The market is constantly changing. The needs of customers are becoming more and more divers as the years come by. Individuality is the name of the trend. As software dealers, you’d need to be on top of things. You need to be able to make a sale. To make that happen, you might have to use telemarketing. But don’t worry, this is not an act of desperation, this is merely the use of creativity. After all, what else can deliver great appointment setting and lead generation services? Only telemarketing can do that.

Lead generation can be a very complicated process. You need to be able to capture a reasonable number of business leads that you can use in your sales campaign. Telemarketing makes it possible for you to gain leads that others can’t deliver. Network management leads and telecommunication products leads are two types of leads that become readily available. You can also use it in searching for good telecommunication services leads. The telemarketers who per perform the task are the best, so you don’t have to worry about quality. The leads are good, and these are guaranteed easy to convert into a sale.

I’m sure you’re interested now. After all, this is your business we’re talking about here. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, now is the right time to make the choice. You have a lot to gain with telemarketing. It’s an investment worth the try. I assure you, you will not regret making the choice.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Knowing the ABC's of Telemarketing

First of all, what is telemarketing?

Telemarketing pertains to a service wherein certain individuals cater to calls that would prove beneficial towards a business' success. Some of the processes involved in telemarketing are those of lead generation, telesales, and information gathering campaigns.

It can either be inbound and outbound depending on the service.

What's the difference between inbound and outbound telephone marketing?

The inbound portion would mean that call center representatives would wait for clients and customers to call them. Inbound telephone marketing would usually cater to order taking or other forms of information acquisition. The inbound portion would usually have representatives that would only have little sales training for prospects are already interested in the products and services even before they have made the call.

The outbound portion of telephone marketing would have higher sales training than that of the inbound portion. The reason is that the representatives are trained to make cold calls to their assigned prospects in hopes of convincing them to pique their interests in a particular product, service, or topic. Some of the services found in the outbound portion of telephone marketing are lead generation services, telesales campaigns, and survey programs.

What would be the industries that can benefit from outsourcing to a telephone marketing company?

There are many businesses in almost any kind of industry that can gain a lot of benefits once they have outsourced their services towards a telephone marketing company. Some of these industries are the financial, information technology, and even the cleaning sector of business can all benefit from outsourcing their services towards a telemarketing company.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Building Blocks of Telemarketing

Some companies know little about telemarketing. They are clueless on what composes it and how it functions. As a matter of fact, possessing quality sales leads and qualified appointments is what they care the most. For others, they have seen every piece of detail and thus have an organized idea of what's inside the telemarketing process.

The main building blocks of telemarketing are contact database, cold-calling and appointment setting. These three are mutually dependent with each other. Therefore, the absence of one thing leads to useless pursuit. Try removing contact database. Who would you cold-call or make an appointment? How about eliminating cold-calling? By doing so, can you schedule a sales meeting? Try taking away appointment setting and you just have wasted time, money and effort for nothing.

Contact Database. Telemarketers, through the works of the researchers can only make phone calls when there is a list of potential prospects. This telemarketing lists are placed in a pipeline for security purposes and easy retrieval. Information present in the contact includes personal profile of a customer, namely company name, position, contact number, address and so on.

Cold-calling. The fulfillment of having a contacts list is the start of cold-calling. Telemarketers, called cold-callers, dials the phone numbers of potential sales leads to confirm if a prospect is interested in a product offering or for a particular service. Then, they qualify them through further queries by professionally asking the BANT mnemonics, which stands for budget, authority, need and time. Once these four exist, prospects are deemed qualified.

Appointment Setting. The toughest part in any lead generation program is appointment making. Appointment setters call qualified sales leads and showcase product and/or service proposal to the latter. If the prospect approves, the telemarketer schedules a meeting between a sales representative and the said customer.