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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Starting Your Lead Management

Lead management is a process to create, nurture, distribute and analyze leads. Sales leads can be classified as targeted or generic leads. During lead management, these leads are pre-qualified before they are submitted to the clients. The ultimate goal of lead management in sales is to convert sales leads to satisfied customers.

Lead generation services provide lead management for mid-sized and small businesses alike. They provide comprehensive reports about the prospects they have contacted. These prospects are generated by skilled lead generation agents. Lead generation agents create awareness to the customers and find innovative ways to generate leads. It is reported that more than half of the leads gathered are not acted upon by the companies because they lack time and sales resources to do so. Lead generation services also provide follow up calls to these prospects in order to maintain good relationships and for future correspondence. Lead generation service can be efficiently utilized when it is in tandem with proper lead management. Lead management maximizes the effectiveness of lead generation services.

Targeted leads differ from generic leads. Targeted leads are within the client’s target markets who are interested in the product or service. Generic leads are defined as possible prospects that might be interested to benefit from the product or service you are offering. Lead generation services can identify these leads and can turn generic leads into prospects. A trusted repertoire of skills is used by lead generation agents to convert cold leads into a hot sale.