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Monday, February 28, 2011

B2B Telemarketing: Hitting Prospects on the Mark

Businesses, either small or large in scale, have sometimes trouble hitting their target market on the mark. There are those that may hit quality prospects but those business transactions are seen as only few in number. This provides the business with very little chances of exhibiting growth and success. If a business wants to effectively target other organizations, hit them with pinpoint accuracy and gain an adequate amount of leads in the process, they can outsource their sales services to a b2b telemarketing company.

B2B telemarketing companies use an extensive database that they use during their calls to effectively locate and qualify leads for the benefit of any business that are in need of their services. Through their database, they can do a heavy amount of research before they call a prospect to make sure that these leads are properly managed, nurtured, and ultimately qualified.

Business owners that do not employ the services of b2b telemarketing companies may find it hard to gather and qualify leads. This is especially true for new business owners that are still beginners in providing their organizations with the right amount of qualified leads for the business to thrive and stay afloat.

With these b2b telephone marketing companies, businesses are able to provide their respective businesses with the right amount of leads for it to achieve the financial success it rightfully deserves.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Simple Yet Effective Practices in Cold-Calling

The best bet of some of the companies in the United Kingdom for lead generation is outsourcing. They have an unflinching conviction that by getting their work done by a lead generation expert, they can focus all their attention in enhancing their own company. Equally important is the belief that if they transfer the risk and burden to a reliable telemarketing call centre, it will give them ample time to focus on what they do best. Well, that is too much pressure on the part of the service providers. But, with their homework properly executed, the pressure is greatly reduced.

In order to shy away from getting a failing mark in their lead generation programs, telemarketing call centres are monitoring every action that they do, each plan they contrive and all the decisions they make. If possible, no error should be committed. One of the key functions that they put their best efforts in is cold-calling. Telemarketing firms are very fastidious in their teleprospecting practices, and continue to evaluate and improve their own processes. If you want to learn some of their simple yet effective methods in cold calling, the list below gives them to you.

• Cold-callers are industrious in making more phone calls in a day. Of course, this is based on the premise that more activity is tantamount to more sales.

• Achieving metrics. Outstanding telemarketers are obeying their metrics, which in turn, results to improved productivity.

• Research. Before the callers make a beep, they are already stuffed with the basic information about the person whom they are calling. This is an effective means to build rapport.

• Cold-callers adhere to the guidelines stated in a script. But, they deliver it well, not like a recording machine.

• They do not forget the basic principles of human relations, like saying “Thank You!” and “Please”.