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Friday, July 22, 2011

Telemarketing for the Financial Industry

Telemarketing becomes more complicated when used in the financial sector. There are several fraudulent deals involving telemarketing today that make customers more skeptical about telephone transactions. Because of this, contact centers and their clients need to be more cautious in terms of conducting and receiving telephone calls. Telemarketers need to be more careful especially when cold calling people for the purpose of prospecting or lead generation. Likewise, customers at the receiving end of these calls also need to be more vigilant on giving out information to agents who call them.

It is very essential for outbound contact centers to start their financial calling campaign with advanced planning. The telemarketers should be trained well to avoid problems. Noticeably, professionals often become uncomfortable talking about their financial concerns. This is normal, but good telemarketers can gain their trust and lead them to share their concerns. On the other hand, consumers also need to be more careful about engaging in services offered through telemarketing. They should check any information about the company or call center making the call before signing up to any commitment. They should also make sure that their financial details are not provided to all telemarketers who call them.

Financial telemarketing is effective in B2B marketing. However, its success largely lies on the attitude of the user. For this campaign to become reliable and profitable, vigilance and accountability should be observed.