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Monday, June 28, 2010

Telemarketing for Better Business

Telemarketing has proven to be one successful means to attract qualified customers. Telesales can boost up business capabilities and sales revenue according to how business professionals want it to be. Telemarketing is an ultimate powerful marketing vehicle. Telemarketing provides you with endless opportunities to increase and better your business.

Just to name a few, outbound telemarketing applications include appointment setting, lead generation, surveys, phone sales, market research, database update and so on. Telemarketing has become the source of reaching potential database of customers and to penetrate target markets. It is not only quick but also an efficient medium to reach customers to gain valuable insights on market and your product.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Advantages of Utilizing Our Telemarketing Call Center

Outsourcing to telemarketing experts like CallboxInc. has its advantages. We will save you money because we can make more telephone calls and have more success than companies or individuals who don't fully understand telemarketing. Here are a few reasons to outsource to our call center:

• Expert Service: Through experience in telemarketing, our call center agents can make more calls per hour than a non experienced telemarketing call center and turn those phone calls into sales for business growth.

• Fast Setup: Because we have coordinated many telemarketing campaigns, we do not need much tome to create and dispatch your campaign. If you need a quick telemarketing project, we can help.

• Affordable Pricing: No two telemarketing campaigns are alike so pricing vary greatly, however, we can usually accommodate telemarketing campaigns within our low per minute pricing structure.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Call Center Services as Business Tool

Call center services have become a need for businesses that seek for ways to streamline their operations and to increase their profitability. Contact centers are preferred by business owners than the customer service departments of the world’s largest companies. Outsourcing customer services to call centers has become a trend of most companies today. They tend to outsource in order to save themselves from the hassle of training call center agents to work for them.

Contact centers become an advantage to most businesses because it gives them freedom on what services to choose. Instead of hiring a dedicated staff to handle all of their business needs, the owner might have the service of a call center only to help him with a certain part of their customer service needs. Moreover, an agent can provide virtual assistant services if needed. This is more beneficial to smaller businesses that cannot afford a full-time assistant.

The industry of call centers fuels the growing economies of many poor countries. One of the countries most benefitting from the demand for qualified, trained and competent outsource call center agents is India. Call center services do more than just help businesses cut down costs; they are helping people get good jobs with benefits.

Call center services handle all of a business’ customer service needs conveniently by providing inbound and outbound telemarketing services along with lead generation and research services. The information from the lead generation and research telemarketing campaigns has been very useful to businesses to develop their targeted products and services for their clients. Each agent is equipped with skills necessary to by-pass all of a company’s gatekeepers and to reach the decision makers. Only the trained call center agent knows how to speak on the phone effectively and to ask appropriate questions. It is a relief that businesses no longer have to provide because contact centers will grant all the training needs for them. All a business has to do is pay for the services that it needs.

Call centers will continue to stay. Though telemarketing has been into near downfall years ago, the benefits that it brings has kept it around and the way it stays relevant ensured that call centers services will continue to be an effective business tool.