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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Telemarketing: How does it Work?

Telemarketing still plays a big part in making a direct marketing plan a success. If only telemarketers do it right, telemarketing can be a best form to market one’s business. Just do it in a positive way, and see how it can bring a great return in your investment.

Telemarketing Call Center - Most telemarketers work out in a call center. Here, telemarketers have their own cubicle and phone.

Telemarketing through Phone Numbers – Phone numbers of prospects to be called are given to telemarketers. Usually, these phone numbers are collected from conducted surveys from other company. Telemarketers must then make certain number of calls per day to hit their quota.

Sales Telemarketing – Primarily, a telemarketing with a script. Telemarketers here usually work on commission to sell some products and services.

Telemarketing Charities and Political Parties – Who said they don’t participate in telemarketing? Well…they do. When their funding is low, expect their call to seek donations for their programs.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Outsource Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outbound telemarketing is a technique wherein telemarketers look for potential customers to purchase a service or product being offered. This method comes in different forms like phone calls and succeeding meetings, or as of recently, web conference appointments scheduled during the phone call.

Companies use telemarketing solutions to expand their market and to increase sales. The outbound telemarketing departments of most large multinational companies often use outsourced services offered by outbound call centers.

Outbound telemarketing fuels the growth of businesses by providing specialized telemarketing solutions. Outsourcing companies are fully aware that scripts can generate more positive response from potential clients, have fully trained outbound telemarketing agents, and can modify telemarketing program to fit the company’s needs.

Outsourcing outbound telemarketing services to call centers can bring these following benefits:

1. Service that is Time-wise. Outsourced telemarketing call centers eliminate the need for training the company’s own team of telemarketers that may include improving performance through preparation, guidance and telemarketing tips. This way, you can have enough time to focus on your core activities.

2. Service that is tax-free. Outsourced services eliminate the taxing process and expenses of advertising and hiring outbound customer service agents.

3. Service that is Cost-effective. Outsourced services can be more cost-effective as compared to having in-house outbound telemarketing department.

4. Service that is round-the-clock. Outsourcing makes the customer service available for 24 hours a day.

5. Service that is Goal-oriented. Outsourced outbound customer service agents allow the company to focus on other aspects of marketing and sales. Because you need not to worry about your non-core activities, these services will help you to achieve your business’ goals and objectives in a short period of time.

These are only some of the many benefits that you can obtain from outsourcing telemarketing services. Outsourcing telemarketing services can provide you with peace of mind-simply because you will have a team of well-trained individuals dedicated to generating leads for your company.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reaching Out for New Clients through Telemarketing

Having a tough business competition these days would mean a hard time working alone. With everybody looking for someone's time, working apart from the rest would be very impractical to do. It would not be possible for a business to work independently much more than this time, that most is done jointly. And because of that, appointment setting turned itself into something that most businesses would be very eager to have.

Running a business would cause a lot of needs. It requires much of your time and sometimes the lack of staff would impair your function. Preoccupied by the demands of your business, slipping down of your potential clients is likely to happen because they are not properly regarded. In this case, appointment setting plays its role. Through telemarketing as being one of its essential parts, people that matter are identified, transactions are further expanded and deals are agreed later on. How does telemarketing function in appointment setting? How are connections over the phone able to acquire client’s trust?

as defined in a marketing dictionary is the use of telephone as an interactive medium for promotion or promotion response, which is also called as “Teleselling. “ This has been a very effective marketing tool for call centers today. Transactions are run over the phone and appointments are set by just a ring to a call center. Imagine how life is made easier when anything that calls for a meeting is settled by call centers for you--- and that is through telemarketing appointment setting. All you have to do is to provide them with necessary information about your product or service and your prospect clients and they are tasked to convince them to set up a meeting with you. Again, people in the business are very competitive; no one would want to be left behind. They are contained by their curiosity onto what their peers are doing, so setting a meeting for them, to people that could help them, could mean success in appointment setting. In telemarketing, you don’t need to look good to gain your client’s trust, the tone of your voice and the way you carry the conversation on phone would imply clarity of your motive that is why call centers with trained telemarketers usually end up a closed deal on phones. So partnering with them, in appointment setting, would assure you of a quality business to business or business to customer transactions.

In this fast-moving business world, everything should be done with immediacy, not just one at a time, but rather doing multiple of tasks at the same time. Appointment setting requires much time because similar with making sales, not all are capable of doing so, instead of dwelling to the things you are not that capable of, why not give it to those who would take it in high regard such as call centers to refrain from wasting time. And telemarketing being its effective helpmate made it a lot easier to come up with highly qualified appointments in a shorter time. By engaging clients into a worthy transaction on phone, you would probably end up in completing the deal with a “yes,” that will surely increase sales abruptly.There are outbound call centers that specialize in appointment setting and lead generation through their outbound telemarketing services.