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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Telemarketing: How does it Work?

Telemarketing still plays a big part in making a direct marketing plan a success. If only telemarketers do it right, telemarketing can be a best form to market one’s business. Just do it in a positive way, and see how it can bring a great return in your investment.

Telemarketing Call Center - Most telemarketers work out in a call center. Here, telemarketers have their own cubicle and phone.

Telemarketing through Phone Numbers – Phone numbers of prospects to be called are given to telemarketers. Usually, these phone numbers are collected from conducted surveys from other company. Telemarketers must then make certain number of calls per day to hit their quota.

Sales Telemarketing – Primarily, a telemarketing with a script. Telemarketers here usually work on commission to sell some products and services.

Telemarketing Charities and Political Parties – Who said they don’t participate in telemarketing? Well…they do. When their funding is low, expect their call to seek donations for their programs.

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  1. nice post, I appreciate your way of describing the procedure of telemarketing.