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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Generate Leads and Appointments Using IT Telemarketing

It's never easy to sell IT products and services and it gets even more difficult when you are trying to find prospects who would always be willing to purchase technology solutions and services. Because of this, IT proprietors have started budgeting for a marketing strategy to promote their offerings through efficient lead generation and appointment setting. Among the tools they have constantly used is IT telemarketing where telemarketers search for IT sales leads and convert them into closed deals and sales.

IT telemarketing is simply the use of telephone to market complex IT products and services. However, there are important factors to consider when using this method for a campaign.

1. When using this tool, telemarketers should know the needs of their customers. IT telemarketing would become more effective if telephone agents understand what customers demand at present. Customers buy results and when they see a benefit in an offering, they will purchase.

2. Telemarketers should respect the time of their customers. They should be able to know the most appropriate hour to make the call. Additionally, customers are busy people that's why you need to avoid asking questions that can otherwise be answered through research.

3. Telephone agents should put a sense of professionalism in all their calls. Customers prefer to trust people who approach them in a professional manner over casual. So to ensure higher response rate, telemarketers should have good communication skills that can get and retain customer's attention.

4. Telemarketers should have a strong value proposition in order to convince customers to make a purchase.

No doubt, IT telemarketing is the best tool to sell IT products and services and there are various companies around that offer this kind of service along with other two important services-- IT lead generation and IT appointment setting. If you want to get more sales, then consider working with these firms today.

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