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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Risks and Rewards of Cold-Calling

In a broader context, offshore outsourcing B2B telemarketing has its own ups and downs. Going deeper, one of its core functions, the so-called cold-calling or teleprospecting, also possesses risks and rewards. For decision-makers of the business organisations in the United Kingdom, allow yourselves to be fed with these pros and cons of cold-calling, if you so happen to decide to outsource your B2B lead generation.


• Prospects hanging up. You can not expect all leads to give you an acquaintance party on your first, and, even, follow-up calls. It is natural that they do hang up. However, this disadvantage has a cure anyway. It is only through the ability of a cold-caller, supported by a call script, that a sales prospect will be glued on his telephone and answer all the questions that the telemarketer wants to ask. There is always a way to tame a scary lion.
• Wrong timing. No one can really tell whether the decision-maker of a certain company is present or on leave, or has a meeting. Wrong timing may force a telemarketer to forget a follow-up call for a prospect who may be a qualified sales lead.
• Quantity over quality. There might be few telemarketing firms that will offer abundant sales leads, but unfortunately of poor quality.


• Reach and response. For obvious reasons, the telephone remains the fastest tool in reaching a prospect and making him/her respond immediately. This shortens the time in determining who are interested with those that are not. Only cold-calling facilitates a two-way conversation.
• Large Volume in a Span of Time. What would you expect with a fast medium? In just a day, tens or less than a hundred prospects are screened for qualification.
• Teleprospecting is powered by a medium that is easy to use and produces fast results.

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