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Thursday, September 9, 2010


All size business owners have one main objective – business continuity. Time and again, companies have been constantly looking for ways to generate more income, and it is common knowledge that revenue growth has to start with building a sustainable sales pipeline, increasing lead conversion and strengthening the company's sales force. These are determining factors that organizations need to address to achieve success in any form of marketing.

The factors mentioned above can be achieved through a variety of different marketing vehicles, one of which is telemarketing. This method of direct marketing remains to be one of the most effective ways to expand a business' client base. Many of today's companies still rely on the old-fashioned telephone marketing and selling even though Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing has been continuously evolving.


Telemarketing allows businesses to:

1. Reach out to prospects on a personal level which can't be done with other marketing channels such as direct mail.
2. Choose and implement the best phone selling/marketing approach.
3. Conduct detailed and strategic targeting according to specific criteria such as industry, company size, employee size etc.
4. Reduce operational costs.
5. Measure the outcome of the campaign easier.

Telemarketing also provides companies opportunities to identify key information about the prospects such as existing contracts, buying habits and product/service opinions which can be used to segment data for future calling campaigns. In addition, telephone contact can be advantageous for shaping a company's brand especially for start-up companies that are in the early stages of acquiring a compelling market presence.

There are more benefits from telemarketing that are often left to fall between the cracks, and a lot of companies give up easily and fail to realize how effective this method can be just because one telemarketing firm did not deliver the expected result. It is important for organizations to be smart and persistent. Rewards can be reaped only with wise decision-making and intelligent business planning.


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