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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lead Generation with Effective Call Centers

Lead generation is one aspect of call center services that is entrusted with the task of carrying a business forward. It is only through the help of qualified leads that a business firm can walk ahead and get a larger share of the market. But it’s not always easy to get the leads. There are restrictions on the telemarketing calls that you can make. There is the perennial problem of the outbound call center agent failing to talk to the customers because they are not interested in purchasing. However, the primary problem for call center companies is that the generated leads do not always turn into sales. There is some leakage in the way things happen between the marketing team and the sales team. The list of leads handed over by the BPO agent doesn’t churn out sales and then the blame comes on the call center. Let’s check out how things can improve here.

The list prepared by the sales lead generation team has to contain qualified leads. There is a difference between getting everyone onboard and getting only a selected group of people onboard. When the call center companies get everyone onboard, the problem of having too many to deal with vexes the call centers. Persuasive telemarketing may get these prospective consumers to consent to purchase but there is every chance that they make back out when the sales team calls to seal the deal. As a result of their denial, the conversion rate goes down to about 1%. That is a lose-lose situation. The call center services have already spent a lot of effort in generating those leads and without the right conversion percentage, their expenditures are not validated.

From the perspective of the business firm that has hired the call center, it’s a loss, too. Call center companies charge the business firms on the basis of how many leads they get. When they receive leads that do not convert into sales, they are paying for nothing. If the conversion rate is very poor, they have doubts on the performance abilities of the call center services. The BPO units have to guard against that. They must provide only qualified leads to the clients. It does make sense to follow up on leads and check their availability before handing them over to the clients. Cold calling is something that the agents don't prefer, so following up removes that from the equation.

You can evaluate the lead generation performance of the call center companies by looking at the conversion rate. If you find that the conversion rate is as high as 40-50%, it automatically translates that the call center services have done a wonderful job. Also, the call center agents must be distinguished on the basis of their ability in marketing and sales. Some BPO agents may be good in clinching the sale while others may be good in influencing people and getting more leads. Utilize the resources that you have on hand to make the best of your sales lead generation campaign.

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