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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Telemarketing Etiquette: Where Have All the Manners Gone?

So many things have already been told and written about guidelines and tips on telemarketing etiquette. Books have been published on how to become an effective telemarketer. BPO companies that offer sales and marketing services have devised extensive training programs to help telemarketers, seasoned or not, perform well and overcome the challenges of telephone selling. All for one very important reason: unsolicited calls or sales calls are viewed upon as intrusive and offensive. But which of these rules really work? Is there really a surefire way to look at telemarketing differently as opposed to just being a nuisance?

We all know that as human beings, the amount of patience we have for marketing calls is not a lot. If you are a housekeeper, you are obviously all too busy doing household chores along with looking after your children so you don't have time for this type of phone calls. If you belong in the working class, your focus is to get your job done as quickly as possible so as to give room for other work-related tasks that you may have before the day is over, and attending to a marketing call is the least of your concerns. For the individual who are making these calls, chances of being hung up on are always to be expected. Not only sales calls are considered annoying, but on average a person gets at least five unwanted calls per day and for most people who repeatedly receive these calls in the course of their day, it is infuriating.

An intelligent salesperson knows that he/she is not only trying to win the prospective customer's attention or make a sale but is also establishing a harmonious business to customer relationship on behalf of the company he/she is calling for.

If you are a telemarketer, awareness of a prospect's feelings is too important and must not be neglected. Individuals who are in this type of job may reason that quotas and other technicalities of their work add to the pressure and the so-called telemarketing etiquette goes out the window. That should not be the case. Keep in mind that while you may possess excellent selling skills, it is essential to always be able to actively listen to your prospect.

Manners are just as important as closing a sale. It is true that sales must be earned however, a badly acquired one is not a sale at all. The company you represent may lose customers just as quickly as you have signed them up all because of terrible marketing practices. Finding legitimate business opportunities is far more fulfilling than acting like marketplace gestapos, and maintaining good behavior in a crowded environment of telephone selling should not be lost.

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