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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Outsourcing Outbound Telemarketing Services

Cold calling does more than prospect calling. It goes a long way in keeping your customer posted about product information and expanding your client base. Experts agree that cold calling is best handled by an outbound telemarketing service provider.

Old and new cold calling protocol

Traditional telemarketing doesn’t work well as it used to, so a more targeted and customized approach to cold calling is in demand today. Since most telemarketers use the same calling protocol customers reject all manner of common cold calling techniques. An outbound call center that specializes in telemarketing would do well to train its customer service associates in phone handling skills such as flexibility, courtesy, accuracy and timely resolution (in cases of issues). It is observed that these practices result in customer satisfaction that in turn leads to a strong client-company relationship.

Wanted: Outbound call centers

Because of this, outbound call centers that offer sales lead generation and appointment setting services are in great demand. To ensure a smooth workflow and meet their target, these call centers provide customer-centered services. The customized feature includes software that allows operation during peak seasons. With a customer service team working 24/7 all year round, these call centers can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers grow in number such that the client’s market base expands dramatically. Telemarketing companies uses software that can widen the scope of sales lead generation or narrow it down, according to the client’s needs.

On the other hand, customer service associates are constantly re-trained on product information and call handling procedures so they don’t turn off long-time and prospect customer alike. Calls are recorded for quality assurance so when a customer issue arises there’s something to refer to and improve upon.

Telemarketing in indispensable

There’s no doubt about telemarketing’s vital role in advancing your company’s sales and marketing campaign--and ultimately, profit. This is so because outbound call centers field associates who handle calls 24/7, 365 days a year. In setting up appointments, they call at the customer’s most convenient time so your corporate image is kept intact. A good telemarketing service provider ensures positive customer feedback.

More than ever, companies that have outsourced their telemarketing services continue to grow.


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  2. We cannot deny the fact that companies who are outsourcing their telemarketing services have benefited from this setup. The companies who outsource are indeed increasing profit while reducing cost.

    The telesales service they can provide includes sales, customer service, customer retention and technical support.

    Telesales outsourcing is especially beneficial to companies without staff who can do this job and it will save them time and money from hiring new ones and training them.

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