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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Generating Sales Leads

Lead generation starts by locating potential customers. These potential customers will convert into leads. These can only be considered sales leads when the information obtained confirms that the prospect shows sign of interest to the product or service that was introduced.

Whether the company is generating leads of their own or has outsourced their lead generation to some company who provides sales lead generation services, it's important to know what exactly the qualified leads are. Quality leads over quantity are preferred. One quality lead is better than ten cold leads.

Companies should be aware that there are some lead generation companies that provide leads generated for other companies. Other companies save their resources by acquiring sales lead generation services from other companies that provide these services.

There are some sources to generate leads. Most companies use the marketing tool such as profile fitting. This strategy is used to locate the target markets of certain companies. It generates leads that match the profile of the company's product and service. Then cold calling would follow. This is where lead generation agents contact some prospects on the phone. These sources are used by many lead generation service providers.

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