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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Social Media Gets In The Way Of Lead Generation

In the present world, we can’t completely deny the fact that we are indeed living in an era where personal communication is no longer necessary to do a business and where technology dominates almost, if not all, every aspect of our job and endeavor. Same as through with acquiring business sales leads; days are already gone when you have to exert much effort to generate sales leads only to end up being disappointed with the outcomes. Certainly, it’s a pain in the pocket and it’s quite time consuming.

Well, it’s now time to bid your farewell to those “Jurassic” tactics and start to embrace the endless opportunities brought by the cutting-edge technologies and equipments of a newer generation.

At this point, doing and setting up a business is less likely to be risky and costly. Why? It’s because of the viral and the innovative idea of social media. Exactly, your fortune of acquiring sales leads is within the vast realm of the latter. But how exactly do you start a social media strategy in your business and in your lead generation? Here’s how:

  • Set specific goals- in any form of business, setting up goals and objectives are very necessary not because they’re required but because these goals will ultimately gear you towards attaining the favorable results you want. Having many followers and subscribers on your social network are good, but making sure to convert them into qualified prospects is better.
  • Connect the dots- the possibility of having common friends with a friend or with a follower of yours is undeniably high so what you need is little bit of networking to further market your business.
  • Don’t hit the social media like a storm- take everything one step at a time.
  • Be the rose among the thorns- be interesting, be unique, and most of all, don’t sound like you’re “really” selling.
  • Consistency is the key- never leave your leads hanging by a moment, otherwise, you’ll lose them. So make sure to update you posts from time to time and don’t miss to reply to their questions and suggestions. 

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