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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Telemarketing: Why Does It Work?

Ever since man learned to use the phone to sell something, telemarketing has been there. Indeed, decades after Bell Systems first coined the term “telemarketing,” this type of promotion has enabled many businesses to flourish. Not only that, it had spawned a myriad of applications that made it one of the most indispensable tools on marketing.

Despite the negative rap it earned after all these years, telemarketing continues to be the method of choice by cash-strapped companies in need of promoting their products or services. Not only is this method cheap enough for them, it also provides them a feedback system that enables them to meet customer demands, complaints, and inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. And there is no beating the personalized touch a telemarketer can bring when he talks to customers on the phone. Professional telemarketers are skilled in addressing what the prospects need, and positioning the products and services he offers in such a way that it might look like the answer to the prospect’s problems.

And one more thing, telemarketing services are people-oriented. After all, they are the ones calling out to prospect. Of course they’ll develop a method of communicating with customers that makes them unique and effective in what they do. A skilled telemarketer can get into the customer’s mind in such a way that television, radio, or print advertising can’t achieve. That is the power of telemarketing.

Telemarketing is here to stay. There’s no stopping it from doing what it does best.

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  1. The effectiveness of telemarketing has proven itself over the years. From small to medium to large scale companies, there is always going to be some sort of telemarketing. Because without it, the company's revenue will not be as profitable. The success of this type of marketing has greatly contributed to the growth of the call center industry. Many call centers that are providing telemarketing services have shown tremendous results because of the extensive and in-depth trainings of their agents. Surely, we can expect that telemarketing will be around for a long time.